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Yumeko Tendo
Official art of Yumeko
Full Name Yumeko Tendo
Gender Female
Eye color Brown
Hair color Dark Brown
Skin color Peach
Species Human
Friends Kitarō

Yumeko Tendo (天童 夢子, Tendōu Yumeko) is a young human girl who met Kitarō and the others when a yōkai named Kagami Jiji trapped her within a mirror. She is very kind and shares the belief that humans and yōkai should co-exist peacefully, and though she is the object of Nezumi Otoko’s affections, she would much prefer to spend time with Kitarō. She appears only the 1985 anime and was voiced by Kyoko Irokawa. Her younger brother is Hoshiro.

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Yumeko only appears in the 1985 anime, but she doesn't appear in all of the episodes, though:

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  • Her name can be translated as "heavenly dream child."