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Img yobuko
Full Name Yobuko
Gender Male
Eye color Black
Species Yōkai
Friends Kitarō

Yobuko (呼子, Calling child) is a yōkai from the GeGeGe no Kitarō anime and manga series. In the manga, he was sometimes depicted as a member of the Kitarō Family. In the 2007 anime he was one of the residents of Yōkai Yokochō and one of the 47 Spirit Warriors.



The Yobuko, also known as the Yamabiko (山彦) or the Yama-Kozō (山小僧), is a Japanese yōkai from the Tottori Prefecture and the San'in region who was believed to be the cause of echoing.

The Yobuko lived in the mountains, and whenever a traveller entered the mountains and raised their voice, it would mimic them and call back.

In the artwork of Shigeru Mizuki, the Yobuko is depicted as a young boy with one leg, a large face, and wearing a straw rain hat. In the Oki Islands he was called Yobukodori (呼子鳥, Calling child bird) and was said to be a bird.







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