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Yobuko (呼子, Calling child) is a yōkai from the GeGeGe no Kitarō anime and manga series. In the manga, he was sometimes depicted as a member of the Kitarō Family. He has also been referred to as Yamabiko (山彦) or Yama-Kozō (山小僧), both meaning "mountain boy".



The Yobuko is from the Tottori Prefecture and the San'in region and was believed to be the cause of echoing. The Yobuko lived in the mountains, and whenever a traveller entered the mountains and raised their voice, it would mimic them and call back. Like Shigeru Mizuki's version of the character, it is also known as the Yamabiko or the Yama-Kozō. In the Oki Islands he was called Yobukodori (呼子鳥, Calling child bird) and was said to be a bird.


Yobuko has the form of a young boy with one leg, a large face and buck teeth. He wears a straw rain hood and a yukata. In some appearances he has one eye or two legs.


Yobuko is a friend of Kitarō's and is usually depicted as a tenant of Sunakake-Babaa's Yōkai Apartments. In the Shonen Sunday manga, he was often depicted among Kitarō's main allies and even accompanied him on a couple of adventures. His first anime appearance was in the 1st series episode 29 (Geta Battle). In the 2nd series episode 12 he appears as an antagonist, but he later appears as a recurring ally in the 3rd & 4th anime. His regular cry is "Yahooo".

In the 5th anime he is one of the inhabitants of Yōkai Yokochō, living at Sunakake-Babaa's apartment complex. He is often helping her with odd jobs in exchange for letting his rent slide. He often helps Aobōzu find his way back to Yōkai Yokochō by calling out to him. He was the 7th of the chosen 47 Yōkai Warriors of Japan. He's the representative of the Tottori Prefecture and his mark is located under his mouth and above his chin.


Yobuko can mimic and echo any sound he hears, a skill most useful in the mountains. He can yell so loud that he can shock enemies, and in Yōkai Sen Monogatari he can create powerful shockwaves with his voice. In the 5th anime, he can use his echo powers to locate people. He was often used when a loud noise was needed for any reason. His voice also has the power to open a portal to Jigoku.

Aside from his vocal abilities, he can also perform various breath techniques, such as a Rejuvenation Message which he used to de-age Kitarō after his encounter with Shinigami (Shinigami, though this was only mentioned by Sunakake-Babaa and not actually depicted). In Kitarō's Vietnam War he could create mist with his breath, and in the 3rd anime he could create copies of allies by calling their name (Ep. 79). In the 5th anime, his lung capacity is shown to be so strong that he can produce enough air for multiple people in a single breath.