Img yobuko
Full Name Yobuko
Gender Male
Eye color Black
Species Yōkai
Friends Kitarō

Yobuko (呼子, Yobuko) is a yōkai from the "Gegege no Kitaro" anime and manga series.


The Yobuko (呼子, Calling child) is a Japanese yōkai from the Tottori Prefecture and the San'in region who was believed to be the cause of echoing.

The Yobuko lived in the mountains, and whenever a traveller entered the mountains and raised their voice, it would mimic them and call back.

In the artwork of Shigeru Mizuki, the Yobuko is depicted as a young boy with one leg, a large face, and wearing a straw rain hat. In the Oki Islands he was called Yobukodori (呼子鳥, Calling child bird) and was said to be a bird.





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