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Yagyō-san (夜行さん) is a Yōkai from the anime and manga series of "GeGeGe no Kitarō".



Yagyō-san first appeared in the second chapter of the 1980s manga The Newest GeGeGe no Kitarō as the leader of the Hyakki Yagyō. He was originally working for Nurarihyon but was defeated in chapter 6 and subsequently joined the Kitarō Family. He rides a headless horse called Kubikire-Uma.

In Gegege no Kitarō: Jigoku-hen he was a guard in the Hunger Realm. Sometimes he has many look-a-like subordinates with him.

Starting with the 1985 anime he is depicted as a Yōkai inventor, and in the 2007 anime he runs a research facility on Yōkai Yokochō.