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Yadoukai 8th
Full Name Yadōkai
Age Unknown
Gender Male
Eye color Unknown
Hair color Grey (eyebrows)
Skin color Red
Height Shorter than Kitarō
Weight Unknown
Species Yōkai
Abilities Shadow magic
Friends Kitarō

Kitarō's family

Enemies Nurarihyon

Kitarō (formerly)

  • Kitarō's family (formerly)
Yadōkai (夜道怪), Japanese beggar monks from Mount Koya who traveled throughout Japan and preached Buddhism , was derogatory called Yadōkai if they had done damage, mischief or broken the law.


  • In the anime he's called "Shadow Man" by Kitaro and his friends.
  • He is the 8th of the chosen 47 Yōkai Warriors of Japan. He's the representative of Saitama. And his mark is located on his chin.
  • That bag of his contains rats - large rats