Vampire Elite Johnny
Img jony
Vampire Elite Johnny
Full Name Johnny
Age Unkown (deceased)
Gender Male
Eye color Black
Hair color Brunette (2007)

Dark Blue (1996)

Skin color Pale Gray
Height Unkown
Weight Unkown
Species Vampire
Abilities Blood sucking



Friends Tina (sister)


Enemies Kitaro

Johnny (ジョニー), also known as Johnny in the Mist, is a vampire who first appeared in the Hakaba no Kitarō story Johnny in the Mist. For the Shonen Magazine remake version he was renamed Elite (エリート), which he is referred to as in most anime adaptations.


Johnny is considered one of the most handsome men in Japan, and uses this greatly to his advantage. He only attacks women he deems attractive and intelligent, captivating them with his music and then draining them of their blood. Being an elite vampire, he can safely go out into the sunlight without being burned like normal vampires are.


Uses others for his own gain, with little concern for others feelings. Has a passion for music though whether or not he only cares to manipulate others with it is unknown. Dislikes using brute force, as seen when he refuses to break open the window of a woman he is persuing. Seems to care only for his sister Tina, whom he tries to perform a ritual on so she can finally speak.


Johnny is a short man of average build, usually seen wearing a tuxedo of varying color. His hair is parted down the middle, and he has large, upward slanted eyes, a hooked nose and a wide mouth.



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