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Vampire Elite Johnny
Img jony
Vampire Elite Johnny
Full Name Johnny
Age Unkown (deceased)
Gender Male
Eye color Black
Hair color Dark blue (5th anime)

Dark brown (4th anime)

Skin color Pale Gray
Height Unkown
Weight Unkown
Species Vampire
Abilities Blood sucking


Friends His lover (4th anime)
Enemies Kitaro

Kitaro's family


He uses a guitar as his main weapon.


His personality changes:

  • In the 4th anime he was in love with a bat that he took many beautiful women.
  • In the 5th anime he wanted more power.


  • In the 4th anime he has pale blue skin and orange eyes and blue hair he also had a black tuxedo.
  • In the 5th anime he has a white tuxedo pale skin white eyes and brown hair.


Due to him being a vampire his weaknesses include:

  • The sun or other bright light sources
  • Garlic
  • Stabbing him in the chest


Vampire Elite Johnny/Gallery

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