You know I'm torn about whether to love the 60s or the 90s version of the "Tōge no yōkai" (the Buruburu story). #90 (the 90s version), I was pretty sneaky of Buruburu to be hidin' in Nezumi-Otoko's stomach when they prisoners escape. And when Tsurubebi (oni-bi, demon fire) were used to get her out, Kitaro's special X-Ray specks sees Buruburu strugglin' within and escape up the esophagus...She hates light including firelight. distresses me to see Nezumi in pain; =^^= like I'm already a character there. Though I still love the 60s version and I'd written it down my "favorite episodes" list. And I have a "so it is written, so it shall be" thing.

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