After watchin' all the 65 episodes of the '68 version of Kitaro, I have many favorite episodes which would be too long for this blog. So here are my top 10 :

· Yokai Castle (妖怪城) because of little Tomiko-chan and...

How do I look

· Kagami Jiji (鏡爺) because of Kaori-chan and that "glad-to-see-you" scene when Nezumi-Otoko bails Kitaro out of jail.  ^^;

· Cat Master (猫仙人) because...well I'm a cat-lover   ^^;

· Witch Doll (魔女人形) because I am into witches.

· Neko-Musume and Nezumi-Otoko (猫娘とねずみ男) because I love Neko-Musume and I love that funny scene where she chased Nezumi around the room. And also...

Gegege no Kitaro CAT!

· Yokai-juu (妖怪獣 - both parts) because Tanuki are one of my favorite yokai.

· Hakusanbō  (白山坊) because Hakusanbō is kind of a fox-spirit and I love foxes. Also I love how Nezumi-Otoko has a crush on Hanako - the girl Hakusanbō wants to marry.

· Mōryō (もうりょう) because of that scene where Nezumi shakes his robe, like the way you shake a blanket before foldin', and stinks up Gegege House. Also...

They'll get ya

, and...

· Sarakozō (さら小僧) 'cause...


. I sure have strange reasons to like an episode  ^^

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