I have got two crazy concepts for fan-fiction stories:

  1. 1 : One is based on fantasies I have had (as explained here) I'm an OC and a western alley to human/yokai peace. I'm a traveling writer who had made friends with the team: Kitaro, his father, Neko-Musume and Nezumi-Otoko. I even have a little dog who is like a girl version of Tintin's Snowy and I have my two editors and agent accompany me. Of course as some friends do, we (Nezumi and I) would banter each other. But I would usually end up worrying about him - my true feelin's never show..I 'm have a crush on him!

  1. 2: A "next generation" story about Ohana (daughter of Kitaro & Yumeko) & Chuuko (daughter of Nezumi-Otoko & Caroline) and their very own band of "yokai busters"! Unlike their fathers, Ohana & Chuuko are almost like sisters, and they only Chuuko inheirt from "papa" (besides his whiskers and teeth) is his smackin' hand

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