Tsurube-otoshi (釣瓶おとし) is a creature from Japanese folklore. It lurks in the tops of trees and drops down on unsuspecting humans, and has various descriptions - sometimes it is some sort of oni or tengu, sometimes it is a disembodied head, and sometimes it is a fireball. Its name is an expression for "falling quickly" which literally means "a well-bucket dropping", and sometimes thetsurube-otoshi instead drops a well-bucket to scoop up its prey. He is voiced by Hisao Egawa (5th anime).


Tsurube otoshi are a gigantic disembodied heads of either a human, tengu, or oni.


5th anime

Tsurube-Otoshi often appears in the 5th Anime, as he is a resident of Yōkai Yokochō and runs a convenience store.

6th anime

Tsurube-Otoshi appears in the opening of the 6th anime as Nurikabe's partner during the three-legged race scene.