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Tōfu-Kozō is a small yokai who resembles a human child with short black hair and eyes, as well as constantly sticking his out. He wears a little boys’ kimonos and wide-brimmed straw hats, which is the typical outfit of a tōfu-selling young boy of the Edo period. He is virtually always seen carrying a tray of tofu.


Tōfu-kozō is often portrayed as amicable and timid. For the most part, he will shy away from any confrontation, sticking to the sidelines.


3rd Anime

5th Anime


In the 5th Anime, Tōfu-Kozō makes occasional appearances. He is shown in the second ending animation in the series.

6th Anime

In the 6th Anime, Tōfu-Kozō appears in the opening animation sitting on the roof of a building.

Tofu-Kozo 2

After Mana states that she wants to understand more about yōkai, she looks up at the Vampire Tree that Kitarō had turned into, and briefly sees Tōfu-Kozō sitting on a branch. After Mana rubs her eyes, she looks up again to see that he has disappeared and Medama-Oyaji chuckles.[1]


Vanishing: Tofu-Kozō was able to appear on a branch of the Vampire Tree, and quickly disappear as Mana had saw.[1]




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