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Sunekosuri run up behind people walking on dark, rainy nights. They rub against their shins, weave in and out of their legs, nuzzle against the knees, and otherwise make it difficult to walk. They do not intentionally cause any harm to humans, although occasionally their rubbing is strong enough to make a person stumble or even knock them down.


Sunekosuri are small, mischievous spirits from Okayama Prefecture. They are most often described as dog-like in appearance, though they are also occasionally said to resemble cats.


5th Anime

Sunekosuri appeared in episode 63 of the 5th Anime, Japanese Yōkai Annihilated!? Yōkai Cloth!!

It was seen washing itself in the water before it was turned into a tanmono, which is a roll of fabric used to make kimonos.

6th Anime

Sunekosuri is seen chasing Kawauso in the 6th adaption's opening animation.


  • Sunekosuri is one of the chosen 47 Yōkai Warriors and the representative of Okayama Prefecture. The mark is on its back.