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Img sunakake
Full Name Sunakake-Babaa (Japanese)
The Sand Witch (English)
Gender Female
Hair color Gray
Species Yōkai
Abilities Throwing sand
Friends Kitarō

Sunakake-Babaa (砂かけ婆 Sand-throwing Hag) is an old yokai woman who carries sand which she throws into the eyes of enemies to blind them. She serves as an advisor to Kitarō and his companions, and manages a yōkai apartment building.


The original Sunakake-Babaa is an invisible sand-throwing spirit from the folklore of the Nara Prefecture.


Sunakake-Babaa has gray hair and red eyes.  She wears an Japaneese kimono dress with a black and yellow (sometimes black and red) chessboard like pattern above her waist. Her skin is light gray.


  • Sand Throwing
  • Fortune Telling
  • Youkai Medicine
  • Other Techniques


Image Songs




  • Sunakake-Babaa first appears in a cameo as one of many yōkai attending a sukiyaki party in the story A Walk to Hell (Rental version) before making a more prominent appearance in The Great Yōkai War (Shōnen Magazine version).
  • In the 2002 Kodansha International Bilingual Comics edition, she is referred to as The Sand Witch.
  • In the 2007 anime version, she is the 2nd of the chosen 47 Yōkai Warriors of Japan. She's the representative of the Nara Prefecture. And her mark is located on her left hand.

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