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Img suiko
Full Name Suiko
Gender Male
Species Yōkai


The suiko is a kappa-like yokai that lives in and around the Chikugo River (Kyushu), Lake Biwa (Shiga prefecture), and other bodies of water across Japan. It can also be found in China. However, the suiko is a different beast altogether and must not be confused with the kappa.

In addition to prowling around at night and making mischief, the suiko has the power to possess people. Those possessed by a suiko descend into a temporary state of madness, but they recover quickly after the creature withdraws.

At least once a year, the suiko drags a human victim into the water, sucks out his blood, and returns the body to shore. It is best not to have a funeral for the victim of a suiko attack. Instead, the body should be left on a wooden plank inside a small thatched hut in a field. If done properly, this course of action causes the flesh of the suiko perpetrator to slowly rot until it dies.



  • In the 1968 anime, Suiko is protrayed as a ghostly tiger that sucks the moisture out of everything.