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Shibito-tsuki (Shibito-tsuki, 死人つき) is the sixth episode of the 1971 version of the "Gegege no Kitaro" anime.



Nezumi-Otoko was in the woods one night. Then a mysterious young lady came to him and ask him to marry her. But the next day, he got kick out of the house where she live. And it happen to be the village mayor's house. Kitaro, Medama-Oyaji and Neko-Musume came by and asked what was the matter. Well, Nezumi-Otoko told them everything. But the three thought it was weird that a young lady would want to marry Nezumi-Otoko and he only just met her! Of course Nezumi has got some proof - a wedding ring. But to his shear disappointment, the three had found out from the mayor that his daughter, the girl Kiriko had died from an illness. So Kitaro is on the case.



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