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Sara-kozō (さら小僧) is a GeGeGe no Kitarō story that first appeared as a chapter of the Shonen Magazine run. It has been adapted for the 1968, 1985, 1996 and 2007 anime versions of "GeGeGe no Kitarō".





  • Yochien - The Tale of Sara-kozō (さらこぞうのおはなし)
  • Shigeru Mizuki's Strange Yōkai Tales picture book - Sara-kozō (さら小僧)


Episode 34 - Sara-kozō (aired August 25, 1968)

Episode 43 - Sara-kozō's Prize-Winning Yōkai Song (aired September 6, 1986)

Episode 33 - Counterattack! Yōkai Sara-kozō (aired August 25, 1996)

Episode 66 - Sara-kozō, Yōkai Chart Topper! (aired July 13, 2008)


  • In both the 1996 and 2007 anime, the role of the thieving pop band was played by the series' theme song performer (Yuukadan and The 50 Kaitenz respectively).

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