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Img rokuro
Full Name Rokuro-Kubi
Gender Female
Eye color Black
Hair color Black (1st-4th anime)
Red (5th anime)
Skin color Pale
Species Yōkai
Abilities Stretching her neck
Friends Kitaro
Makoto Washio (boyfriend)

Rokuro-Kubi (ろくろ首, 轆轤首, Rokuro-kubi) is a female Japanese yōkai that can stretch her neck and is one of Kitaro's friends.

In the 2007 anime version, she has short red hair and pale colored skin. In her yōkai form she wears yellow kimono with pink and purple obi and Japanese sandals. In her human form she wears normal modern clothing. In ep. 21 she begins dating a human named Makoto Washio.