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Img pi
Japanese ピー
Species Yōkai
Race Vampire
Gender Male
Home South Asia
First Appearance
Manga The Phantom Train (1971)
Anime Series 2 Episode 25 (1972)
1971 anime Taimei Suzuki
1985 anime Hiroshi Ōtake
1996 anime Yūsaku Yara
2007 anime Chafūrin

Pii (ピー), or Vampire Pii (吸血鬼ピー, Kyūketsuki Pii), is a vampire and antagonist of Kitarō. He is usually accompanied by his familiar, Monroe. He first appeared in the Shonen Sunday story The Phantom Train.


In the second anime, Pii's appearance is rather chimerical, composing of a reptilian snout with prominent fangs, the bottom pair in front of the top pair, reptilian legs with three claws and a tail ending with a left hand. His body has a cross net pattern with green skin and line of small light blue bumps, while his face has light blue skin and small bumps from his forehead to his lips. He has a wild mane that is colored bright green and his eyes have white sclerae and big black pupils have tufts of green crests by the sides. He has white claws at the end of his toes and his hand is light teal. He wears a red top hat with a light pink band and a pair of red boots.[1]

Within the third anime, Pii's skin is purple with green spots, his legs and hands have plain orange skin and his mouth has only his fangs that are visible. His hair is now dark blue, his eyes now have yellow sclerae and the crests around them are red. He now wears a black top hat with a black band and matching shoes.[2]

In the fourth anime, Pii's skin on his head is green with small bumps, his body has purple skin with gold spots and his legs and hand are dark tan. He has a wild yellow mane around his neck, his eyes have red sclerae and big black irises and the crests are now more wavy and are black. His feet have three toes facing forward and a fourth facing behind, each having a black claw and his top hat is black with a pink band and is barefoot.[3]

Within the fifth anime, Pii has green skin with orange bumps, his hand is completely green and has long red nails. His hair is long and blond, his eyes have yellow sclerae with red irises and black pupils and his lips are red. The crests are red and two small white horns rest between the eyes and the snout. His top hat is pink with a white band and his boots are red with short heels.[4] Pii's feet consist of three toes facing forward and one toe facing behind, each tipped with a red claw.[5]



Second Anime

Pii appeared along with Monroe in episode #25 of the second anime adaptation, The Phantom Train.[1]

Third Anime

Pii appeared along with Monroe in episode #61 of the third anime adaptation, The Phantom Train.[2]

Fourth Anime

Monroe appeared along with Pii in episode #9 of the fourth anime adaptation, Roar! Kitaro Train.[3]

Fifth Anime

Pii appeared along with Monroe in episode #43 of the fifth anime adaptation, Mysterious Yōkai Train.[4]

After their defeat, they showed up again at the GeGeGe House in episode #54, Vampire Elite. However, they could not provide help as Johnny is above them in terms of power. As the Vampire Elite's song started to play outside, they are frightened and quickly run away.[5]



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