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Img pi
Japanese ピー
Species Yōkai
Race Vampire
Gender Male
Home South Asia
First Appearance
Manga The Phantom Train (1971)
Anime Series 2 Episode 25 (1972)
1971 anime Taimei Suzuki
1985 anime Hiroshi Ōtake
1996 anime Yūsaku Yara
2007 anime Chafūrin
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Pii (ピー), or Vampire Pii (吸血鬼ピー, Kyūketsuki Pii), is a vampire and antagonist of Kitarō. He is usually accompanied by his familiar, Monroe. He first appeared in the Shonen Sunday story The Phantom Train.




2nd Anime

Pii appeared along with Monroe in episode 25 of the 2nd anime adaption, The Phantom Train.

3rd Anime

Pii appeared along with Monroe in episode 61 of the 3rd anime adaption, The Phantom Train.

4th Anime

Monroe appeared along with Pii in episode nine of the 4th anime adaption, Roar! Kitaro Train.

5th Anime

Pii appeared along with Monroe in episode 43 of the 5th anime adaption, Mysterious Yōkai Train.

After their defeat, they showed up again at the GeGeGe House in episode 54, Vampire Elite. However, they could not provide help as Johnny is above them in terms of power. As the Vampire Elite's song started to play outside, they are frightened and quickly run away.