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Img ohaguro
Japanese お歯黒べったり
Species Yōkai
Gender Female
Home Yōkai Yokochō
First Appearance
Anime Series 1 Episode 7 (1968)
2007 anime Tomoko Naka

Ohaguro-Bettari (お歯黒べったり, lit. Nothing but blackened teeth) is a female human-like yōkai.


She is a yōkai similar to the Nopperabō, but with a gaping mouth of blackened teeth.

In the fifth anime, Ohaguo-Bettari's appearance is that of a woman in a two-layered kimono, the outer layer being velvet red, while the inner layer is red and an orange obi. Her most noticeable feature is her lack of a face, only having a mouth full of blackened teeth. She has long gray hair that reaches to shoulder.

Her appearance in the sixth anime is the same with her fifth anime incarntaion, having virtually no difference.[1]



First Anime

She briefly appears in the first anime adaption. Namely, these appearances are in episode seven and ten, Ghost Train[2] and The Great Yōkai War (Part 1).[3]

Fifth Anime

In the fifth anime adaption, Ohaguro-Bettari frequently appears throughout the series as a resident of Yōkai Yokochō.

Sixth Anime

She appears as one of the yōkai on the Ghost Train scaring the Company Boss until he attempts to exit the the train by jumping out of a window.[1]



The Ohaguro-Bettari of legend wears a bridal kimono since in Japan long ago, blackened teeth was once a sign of married status. Also some people say she is the ghost of bride or of a woman so ugly, she couldn't find a husband.


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