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Nopperabo96 EP7
Japanese のっぺらぼう
English Faceless Boy
Species Yōkai
Gender Male
First Appearance
Manga Nopperabō (1968)
Anime Series 1 Episode 45 (1968)
1968 anime Kōsei Tomita
1985 anime Masahiro Anzai
1996 anime Kappei Yamaguchi
Akuma-kun Keiichi Nanba

Nopperabō (のっぺらぼう or のっぺら坊) is a faceless yōkai. He loves people's faces and will absorb them to steal their face. He first appeared in the Shonen Magazine story Nopperabō.




Shonen Magazine/First anime

Nopperabō appears in episode #45 of the first anime adaptation, Nopperabō.

Third anime

Nopperabō appears in episode #16 of the third anime adaptation, Yōkai Nopperabō.

Fourth anime

Nopperabō first appears in episode #7 of the fourth anime adaptation, Yōkai Nopperabō. He appears again in episode #21, Oshiroi-Babaa and Nopperabō.

Sixth anime

Nopperabō is shown in the opening of the sixth anime during the tug-o-war scene.



The Nopperabō (のっぺらぼう or のっぺら坊), or faceless ghost, is a Japanese legendary creature. They are sometimes mistakenly referred to as a mujina, an old Japanese word for a badger or raccoon dog. Although the mujina can assume the form of the other, nopperabō are usually humans. Such creatures were thought to sometimes transform themselves into nopperabō in order to frighten humans. Lafcadio Hearn used the animals' name as the title of his story about faceless monsters, probably resulting in the misused terminology.

Nopperabō are known primarily for frightening humans, but are usually otherwise harmless. They appear at first as ordinary human beings, sometimes impersonating someone familiar to the victim, before causing their features to disappear, leaving a blank, smooth sheet of skin where their face should be.



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