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Img nobiagari
Full Name Nobiagari
Gender Male
Eye color Red
Skin color Aqua (1985 anime)

Light Green (2007 anime)

Species Yōkai

Nobiagari (のびあがり, Nobiagari) is a yōkai that appeared in the 1968, 1985, 1996 and 2007 "Gegege no Kitarō" anime series. With his many hands, he spreads the seeds of a vampiric tree in people. Then the seeds grow inside the unfortunate person and sucks the blood 'til the victim becomes a tree and dies - within.


Nobiagari is a yōkai that is described as a living shadow, humanoid creature in the disguise of a Buddhist monk. Or even the illusion of a tanuki, kitsune and the kawauso of the Ehime Prefecture.

Nobiagari appears out of nowhere and quickly swells to a massive size. It often stalks an unexpected traveler from behind and out of clear sight.




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