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Nezumi-Otoko and Neko-Musume (Neko-Musume to Nezumi-Otoko, 猫娘とねずみ男) is the 20th episode of the 1968 anime.



Nezumi-Otoko’s latest scheme is selling a fake pill to stop the power of the Sanshi (or San-chuu) to people. For that, the Sanshi within Nezumi had tattled to Enma-Daiō and he sends a red paper (which is the death sentence). Kitaro was given orders to kill Nezumi-Otoko, but he couldn't, so he asks Neko-Musume to punish him.


  • This episode first aired on May 19th, 1968.
  • This is the third episode where Nezumi-Otoko’s ailurophobia (fear of cats) is shown.
  • A slightly different re-telling of the story was the basis for episode #55 of the 1985 anime version.



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