Img neko
Full Name Neko-Musume (Japanese)
Catchick (English)
Age Unknown
Gender Female
Eye color Yellowish Orange (2007 anime)
Hair color Black (1968 anime)

Brown (1971 anime)

Dark Brown (1985 anime)

Purple (1996 anime)

Red (2007 anime)

Skin color Peach
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Species Yōkai
Abilities Scratch attack

Feline agility

Friends Kitarō

Kitaro's family

Enemies Nurarihyon

Neko Musume (猫娘, Cat Girl) is a young yōkai with the appearance of a regular girl, however she has the ability to call out her cat-like features.


Out of every character of in the show, Neko-Musume has gone through the most change. Though she has kept the same long white shirt, pink dress, a pink bow and cat like eyes.

  • 1st series: She has short brown hair.
  • 2nd series: She looks the same except she has a pink bow and a polka-dotted dress.
  • 3rd series: She has a little longer hair and a darker pink bow.
  • 4th series: She has purple hair.
  • 5th series: She has red hair and her facial features are a little more human like.


A normally-quiet yōkai girl, who transforms into a frightening cat monster with fangs and feline eyes when she is angry or hungry for fish. Predictably, she does not get along well with Nezumi-Otoko. She harbors a crush on Kitarō, who sees her only as a friend. In recent iterations (possibly due to the recent anime phenomenon of fanservice), she is very fond of human fashion and is seen in different outfits and uniforms.

Neko in Hakaba Kitarō


Image Songs




  • She is part of a cat yōkai group. There are a couple of other cat yōkai like Neko-mana and Neko-Sennin.
  • Neko-Musume first appears in the story Nezumi-Otoko and Neko-Musume (Weekly Shōnen Magazine version), however another cat-girl named Neko (寝子) appears in the earlier stories The Vampire Tree and the Neko-Musume and A Walk to Hell (Rental version).
  • In the 2002 Kodansha International Bilingual Comics edition, she is referred to as Cat Chick.
  • In the 1968 anime, she addresses Kitaro as "Kitaro-chan". But in the 1971 anime she addresses Kitaro as "Kitaro-san".
  • In the 2007 anime, she and Nezumi-Otoko were chosen to help Kitaro find the other 47 Yōkai Warriors.
  • Wayward's Ayane is based on Neko-Musume.

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