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Neko Musume
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Neko Musume (猫娘, Cat Girl) is a young youkai with the appearance of a regular girl, however she has the ability to call out her cat-like features.




Out of every character of in the show she has gone through the most change. Though she has kept the same long white shirt, pink dress, a pink bow and cat like eyes.

In the first series she has short brown hair. In the second series she looks the same except she has a pink bow. In the third series she has a little longer hair and a darker pink bow. In the forth series she has purple hair. In the fifth series she has red hair and her facial features are a little more human like.


A normally-quiet yōkai girl, who transforms into a frightening cat monster with fangs and feline eyes when she is angry or hungry for fish. Predictably, she does not get along well with Nezumi-Otoko. She harbors a crush on Kitarō, who sees her only as a friend. In recent iterations (possibly due to the recent anime phenomenon of fanservice), she is very fond of human fashion and is seen in different outfits and uniforms.


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Anime Versions

Neko-Musume as she appears in the various anime adaptations
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The 1st Anime version of Neko-Musume


The 2nd Anime version of Neko-Musume


The 3rd Anime version of Neko-Musume


The 4th Anime version of Neko-Musume


The 5th Anime version of Neko-Musume

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  • She is part of a cat yokai group there are a couple of other cat yokai like neko-mana and niko-sennin
  • Neko-Musume first appears in the story Neko-Musume and Nezumi-Otoko (Weekly Shōnen Magazine version), however another cat-girl named Neko (寝子) appears in the earlier stories The Vampire Tree and the Neko-Musume and A Walk to Hell (Rental version).
  • In the 2002 Kodansha International Bilingual Comics edition, she is referred to as Cat Chick.
  • She and Nezume-Otoko were chosen to help kitaro find the other 47 spirit warriors.
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