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Img momonji
Full Name Momon-Jii
Gender Male
Species Yōkai
Abilities Nose hair needles
Enemies Kitarō

Momon-Jii (百々爺, really old man) is Yōkai and antagonist in the GeGeGe no Kitarō manga and anime franchise, appearing most notably in The Great Yōkai Trial.


Momon-Jii is a devious yōkai who specializes in conning people. In The Great Yōkai Trial, he convinces several yōkai to put Kitarō before the Dai-Tengu on false accusations. In all adaptations, he is eventually found out and arrested by the Tengu Police.



The momonjii of legend is born from a long-lived nobusuma, a yokai which was originally born from a long-lived bat. He takes the form of a hairy, bestial, old man who wanders the wilds and assaults passersby, particularly crying or misbehaving children. Momonjii appear late at night on the road, when the wind blows strongly, and those who meet them suddenly become very sick.


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