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Img miage
Full Name Miage-Nyūdō
Gender Male
Eye color Yellow
Hair color Brown
Skin color Pink
Species Yōkai

Miage Nyuudou (見上げ入道, Miage-nyūdō) is a teacher in Ghost School.







5th series

He appeared in the 75th episode. His students were Nezumi Otoko, Kobayashi, a cat, a hairy animal and Kitarō (in disguise). He kidnapped Kobayashi after knowing he is a mischievous and rebellious boy. He enrolled Nezumi in his school after Nezumi asked for a payment. He taught them the language of cricket, taking out their soul, sleeping on tree, eating air and shape-shifting using air. He gave frog's eyes and caterpillar's soup to eat.

After Kitaro and Oyaji escaping from the mystical world (thanks to his ancestors), Kitaro tried to defeat him by his techniques, which were in vain. Miage then swallowed Kitaro but choked as Kitaro blocked the air passage using his Chanchanko vest and his eye popped out. Then Kitaro returned the eye to him and admonished him not to kidnap any children and Miage went away.


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