Full Name Medama-Oyaji (Japanese)
Daddy Eyeball (English)
Gender Male
Eye color Orange
Hair color None
Species Yōkai
Friends Kitarō

Medama-oyaji (目玉のおやじ, or 目玉親父, Lit. "Eyeball Father") is Kitarō's father. Once a fully-formed adult ghost, he perished of a disease, only to be reborn out of his decayed body as an anthropomorphic version of his own eyeball.


Medama-Oyaji appears has one giant eyeball for a head. He has a little body and wears no clothing.Before he was reborn around before Kitaro was born out of his mother, He was full grown adult ghost that resembled a Green faced Mummy.


He looks small and fragile, but has a strong spirit and a great love for his son. He is also extremely knowledgeable about ghosts and monsters. He enjoys staying clean, and is often seen bathing in a small bowl.He also cares about Kitaro and his wife with great heart.


  • Body Tactics
  • Body Alterations
  • Phantom Train


Medama-Oyaji has been performed in all five anime series by Isamu Tanonaka, as well as in most other media.

The only instance where Tanonaka did not perform the role in his lifetime was for the video game series, in which veteran voice actor Kazuo Kumakura took the role (who is also known for singing the original version of the Kitarō theme song). Also, in episode 4 of the 1971 anime, Tanonaka was out sick and frequent guest star Hiroshi Ohtake filled in. However, the end credits still listed Tanonaka for the role and instead credited Ohtake as a guest star.

Following Tanonaka's death in 2010, Nurarihyon's regular voice actor Takeshi Aono took the role of Medama Oyaji for the TV Special Kitarō: The Happy Journey.

Image Songs




  • In the 2002 Kodansha International Bilingual Comics edition, he is referred to as Daddy Eyeball.
  • He has a great love for sake.

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