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Img mashiro
Full Name Mashiro
Age Unknown
Gender Female
Eye color Black

Red (up close)

Hair color Sky blue
Skin color White
Height Taller than Okuro
Weight unknown
Species Yōkai (Yuki-Onna)
Abilities Ice abilities
Friends Other Yuki-Onnas

Kitarō's family

Enemies Nurarihyon

Kitarō (formerly)
Kitarō's family (formerly)

"Note this Page is for the yuki-onna Mashiro for more about the yuki-onna click here"


Her appearance is that of a regular yuki-onna except that she has blue eyes.


Since she was controlled by Yuki-Nyuudo and Nurarihyon she was evil. Without the controll of Yuki-Nyuudo and Nurarihyon she was have been a good yokai, and she and her sister only wanted to be friends with humans.


  • She had a sister who died.

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