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Makura-Gaeshi cover
Japanese Name まくら返し
Publication date January 14, 1968
Magazine Shonen Magazine
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Shonen Magazine
Iso-Onna Oritatami-Nyūdō

Makura-Gaeshi (まくら返し) is a GeGeGe no Kitarō story that was first published as a chapter of the Shonen Magazine run. It has been adapted for the 1968, 1985, 1996, 2007 and 2018 anime versions of "GeGeGe no Kitarō".



A boy named Yumekichi has been having the same dream for several nights. He is in a field at night, hopping across tree stumps, when he meets a yōkai. On the way to school one day, he comes across the yōkai from his dreams, Makura-Gaeshi from the Dream World. He explains that when humans dream, they visit his world. That night, Yumekichi doesn't come home. After three days, Yumekichi's father has researched Makura-Gaeshi and believes he has kidnapped him. Yumekichi's mother suggests they contact Kitarō for help.

Instead of going to Yumekichi's house, Kitarō goes to a hill and waits for a rainbow. Nezumi-Otoko shows up and begs to come along, but Kitarō tells him the only way to travel by rainbow is to wear special shoes, so he lends Nezumi-Otoko one of his geta. Once they arrive in the Dream World, Makura-Gaeshi hears the sounds of Kitarō's geta and intercepts him. He sprinkles Kitarō with sleeping dust, putting him in a deep sleep. He decides to cut off Kitarō head with a saw and add it to his collection of sleeping faces. Medama-Oyaji runs off to find Nezumi-Otoko, who himself has found Yumekichi sound asleep. Medama-Oyaji has Nezumi-Otoko throw a salt boulder at Makura-Gaeshi before he can decapitate Kitarō. The boulder pins his arm to the ground, but the salt melts his arm and he escapes. Medama-Oyaji and Nezumi-Otoko wake Kitarō up and grab Yumekichi. Medama-Oyaji tells Kitarō to collect the remains of Makura-Gaeshi's arm before they escape.

Back in the human world, Medama-Oyaji decides they must set a trap for when Makura-Gaeshi comes for his arm. Nezumi-Otoko is sent to gather more salt, so he finds a nearby pickler and steals all of his salt after knocking him out with his bad breath. That night, Makura-Gaeshi fins them and snatches Yumekichi. He also steals Kitarō's geta, but Kitarō uses his chameleon tongue to grab Makura-Gaeshi and bring him to the ground. Nezumi-Otoko then dumps all the salt on Makura-Gaeshi, defeating him and sending his spirit back to the Dream World. Kitarō returns Yumekichi to his parents but does not stay for dinner, declining compensation for his help as always.



  • Bokura picture book - Yōkai Makura-Gaeshi (妖怪まくらがえしの巻)
  • Tanoshii Yochien - The Secret of Makura-Gaeshi (まくらがえしのひみつ)
  • 1st Grade Learning Magazine - Makura-Gaeshi (まくらがえしのまき)


1968 Anime
Episode 28 - Makura-Gaeshi (aired July 14, 1968)
1985 Anime
Episode 19 - Dream Yōkai Makura-Gaeshi (aired February 15, 1986)
1996 Anime
Episode 15 - Nightmare! Yōkai Makura-Gaeshi (aired April 14, 1996)
2007 Anime
Episode 24 - Battle in the Dreams! Makura-Gaeshi (aired September 16, 2007)
2018 Anime
Episode 14 - Makura-Gaeshi and the Fantastic Dream (aired July 1, 2018)