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Makoto Washio
Makoto Washio
Full Name Makoto Washio
Gender Male
Eye color Black
Hair color Brown
Species Human
Friends Rokuro-Kubi (girlfriend)

Makoto Washio (鷲尾 誠, Washio Makoto) is a character from the 2007 GeGeGe no Kitarō anime. He is Rokuro-Kubi's human boyfriend. He was voiced by Takeshi Kusao.


When he first appears he is a senior at college studying science and engineering. He met Rokuro-Kubi while she was working part-time with Neko-Musume at the school store. At first he believed she was a human girl named "Rokuko", but after he hurt his leg in a confrontation with Odoro-Odoro she stretched her neck to call for help, revealing to him that she was a yōkai. Rather than freaking out, Makoto finds himself unable to think of any other women after this, and the two begin dating soon after.


  • Makoto is the first time the recurring human character in a Kitarō anime was a male.

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