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Kyushu Kappa (九州のカッパ) is a Kappa that lives in Kyushu and appears in the 2007 anime. He was voiced by Atsushi Kisaichi.


His appearance is that of a normal kappa, being a humanoid turtle-like creature, with dark green skin, white underside, plain brown shell and a pair of yellow eyes with red irises. He has a patch black hair surrounding the plate on his head, yellow markings scattered across his forearms and legs, and webbed hands and feet. Noticeably unlike the other kappas depicted, he has a large light green beak.


See Kappas.


Fifth Anime

Kyushu Kappa

He appears in episode #63 of the fifth anime adaptation, Japanese Yōkai Annihilated!? Fabric Yōkai!!

In this episode, he is the first to be turned into a tanmono, a fabric used to make kimonos.


Presumably he has all the standard abilities of a kappa.