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Kyūso (旧鼠, old rat) is a rat yōkai.



The Kyūso of legend feeds on kittens. They are weak, but learn from their natural enemy (cats) and eventually bare their fangs as their hearts become warped.


Fourth Anime

He appeared in episode #103 of the fourth anime adaptation.

Fifth Anime

He first appeared in the eighth episode of the fifth anime adaptation, An Old Adversary! Nurarihyon.

He appeared again in episode #72, Yōkai Castle Awakens!! Shu no Bon's Difficult War Story.


Rat Transfiguration: Kyūso is capable of turning others into rat-like beings and being under his control. He is able to do so by having a swarm of rats cover his victim, which then they disappear as they start growing features of a rat, such as a ears, whiskers and fur.