Kei Tomiyama

Kei Tomiyama (富山 敬, Tomiyama Kei, born October 31, 1938 ~ died September 25, 1995) was a Japanese seiyuu born in Manchuria. He provided the voice of Nezumi-Otoko in the 1985 anime.

Other Notable Roles


Dub work


  • Following his death in 1995, his ongoing role of Maruko's Grandpa in Chibi Maruko-chan was inherited by Kitarō 1985 co-star Takeshi Aono. Other Kitarō voice actors to inherit his roles include Kappei Yamaguchi (Bugs Bunny, Leiji Matsumoto's Tochiro), Naoki Tatsuta (Rabbit from Winnie the Pooh), and Bin Shimada, who continued the role of Maruko's Grandpa after Aono's death in 2012.