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Img kawauso
Full Name Kawauso
Gender Male
Eye color Black
Hair color Brown
Species Yōkai
Friends Kitarō

Kawauso (獺, Kawauso , lit. river otter)  is a yōkai from the anime and manga series of "Gegege no Kitaro." He first appeared in the story Yōkai of Obebe Swamp.


He is an otter with the body shape of a human with Japanese clothes and a lantern. He also has a green hat.


He can change his appearance from otter to human (4th anime only). He can also shoot water from his mouth (5th anime).



Kawauso is a river otter that becomes a yōkai when it lives at an exceptionally long life.

A Kawauso is able to shapeshift into human form like the kitsune, the tanuki and the mujina. But it is most often depicted as dangerous monster. In one story, a female Kawauso gets a man to take her to his home while she’s in human form where she tears off his genitals and kills him. In another story the Kawauso kills soldiers until at last a samurai sets off to kill her. On the way he comes across a beautiful woman. Realizing that she was a yōkai of some form he attacked the area off to the side of her as he knew she would have created an illusion standing in a different place then she actually was.