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Japanese 傘化け
English Monster Umbrella
Species Yōkai
Race Kasa-Bake
Gender Male
Abilities Flight
First Appearance
1971 anime Shingo Kanemoto
1985 anime Michitaka Kobayashi
Masato Hirano
1996 anime Takeshi Kusao
2007 anime Katsuyuki Konishi
(Eps. 1-54)
Yasuhiro Takato
2007 film Dave Spector
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Kasa-bake (傘化け, umbrella monster), also known as either Karakasa-Kozō (からかさ小僧, Paper umbrella boy) or Bake-Gasa (化け傘, Monster Umbrella), is a recurring character from GeGeGe no Kitarō. He is often an ally of Kitarō but will sometimes be portrayed as an enemy. Unlike most yōkai characters in the series, he is more often depicted as a race rather than a specific individual. The 2007 anime featured him as a friendly resident of Yōkai Yokochō.


Kasa-bake is an anthropomorphic paper umbrella, often with a couple of patches. He has one big eye and is often depicted sticking out his tongue. In place of his handle is a human-like leg. In some appearances he has no arms.


Kasa-bake is a tsukumogami, a tool that has lived for so long he has gained life.


Fourth Anime

In the fourth anime series, he was involved in a scheme of Nezumi-Otoko, where he was given Kitarō's Chanchanko and disguised himself as the deceased husband of a rich elderly woman, so he could receive some of the family's money. Eventually Kitarō finds out, and stops Kasa-Bake. Before he gives the chanchanko, he requests to say goodbye to the elderly woman.

Fifth Anime

In the fifth anime series, Kasa-Bake is a friendly resident of Yōkai Yokochō.

Sixth Anime


In the sixth anime, Kasa-Bake appears in the opening animation, taking flight in one of the scenes and participating in a tug-of-war at the graveyard.

Kasa-Bake 3

Kasa-Bake also appears in the ending animation, where Kitaro is using him as his umbrella. In episode 5, The Disaster of the Electric Yōkai, Kasa-Bake makes a brief appearance to drop off Konaki-Jijii in the battle against Kaminari.


Spin: Kasa-Bake is able to spin rapidly, allowing him to take flight without needing the wind. This ability can also serve as an offensive or defensive technique.

Flight: Kasa-Bake can fly by opening and closing himself, causing the air to pump out.