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Kagami-Jijii (鏡爺) is a GeGeGe no Kitarō story that first appeared as a chapter of the Shonen Magazine run. It has been adapted for the 1968, 1985, and 1996 anime versions of "GeGeGe no Kitarō".





Episode 8 - Kagami-jijii (aired February 21, 1968)

Episode 2 - Kagami-jijii (aired October 19, 1985)


Clown get yumeko

The clown reaches for Yumeko.

The episode starts off with a brother and sister having fun at an amusement park. The sister, Yumeko Tendo is just finishing adjusting her hair in the bathroom, smiles at her reflection in the mirror then walks off as a pair glowing eyes appear in the mirror. Waiting outside is Yumeko's brother, Hoshiro, who asks her sister if he can ride the roller coaster. Yumeko rejects saying that she doesn't have any more money, though her brother now demands that he wants to ride the coaster. As Yumeko wonders what to do instead, a clown appears and gives Hoshiro a balloon then runs off. Hoshiro follows the clown as Yumeko chases after him. The clown then enters a tent called the Mirror House, as the name suggests, it is a tent with mirrors inside, but it is far from the other attractions at the park. Hoshiro enters the tent, with Yumeko following him, Hoshiro leaves the tent after losing track of the clown. Yumeko on the other hand, gets lost inside the tent. As she calls out for her brother, the clown appears in a mirror in front of her, then the clown says that he has been waiting for her. The clown's arms pop out and drag Yumeko's body into the mirror...

Who Could've done it?

All yell at rat

Nezumi-Otoko is responsible for stealing Yokai mail.

The next scene shows Kitaro looking in his Yokai Mailbox, saying how he hasn't gotten any mail recently, he is relived, but still worried. At the Tendo family house, Hoshiro, Mr. and Mrs. Tendo are wondering who could've taken Yumeko. Hoshiro then he thinks that a Yokai might've took Yumeko, his dad rejects it but the mother said that in her hometown, there was Yokai who lived in mirrors. Hoshiro then proceeds to visit Kitaro to ask about the situation. Along the way, Hoshiro spots a Yokai Mailbox. As he puts the letter in, Nezumi-Otoko appears, takes the letter, crumble it and throw it away. Then Neko-Musume appears and attacks Nezumi-Otoko for throwing the boy's letter away. When Neko-Musume is done attacking Nezumi-Otoko, she introduces herself, Hoshiro then asks if she is Kitaro's girlfriend, in which she responds by scratching Hoshiro's arm. At Kitaro's house, Nezumi-Otoko is blamed for stealing all of Kitaro's mail, Kitaro then proceeds to visit Hoshiro with Medama-Oyaji coming along with him.

The invisible force

Kitaro get slap

The invisible Yumeko slaps Kitaro.

Later that evening, Hoshiro shows the four where Yumeko was last seen, the Mirror House. Kitaro uses his Yokai Antenna and detects a Yokai's presence inside. As Kitaro enters the tent, he bumps into an invisible force in which he believes is the Yokai causing all this, he begins to strangle the force until he hears a girl's voice say "Stop!" and slaps him with the mark leaving behind a human hand. The invisible force is actually Yumeko and that her body had been taken. At the Tendo house, Mrs. Tendo shows Kitaro a picture of what Yumeko looks like, Nezumi-Otoko also looks at the picture and falls in love with her. Medama-Oyaji then concludes that the Yokai responsible is Kagami JiJi. Mrs. Tendo then says that in her hometown, Kagami-Jiji was a friendly Yokai who never kidnapped anyone and wonders why he would kidnap her daughter. Medama-Oyaji thinks that Kagami-Jiji's personality might have changed over time. With Kitaro know knowing that it was Kagami-Jiji, he tells Mrs. Tendo that he will be able to rescue Yumeko from Jiji, the invisible Yumeko says thanks and as Kitaro blushes, Neko-Musume gets jealous and Nezumi-Otoko points it out and gets scratched by her.

The clown's true form

Kitaro traped in mirror

Kitaro trapped inside a mirror.

At the Mirror House, the four go with the plan Operation Neko-Musume. The plan is to have Neko-Musume, the only girl out of the four, to lure out Kagami-Jiji with her cute look, defeat JiJi and rescue Yumeko. As she enters the tent, the clown is seen staring at Yumeko's body, but calling her Ohana, then Neko-Musume yells "Come out, Kagami-Jiji!", then the clown's true form is revealed to be Kagami-Jiji. Jiji then comes out of the mirror, giving Kitaro a chance to attack him. But before he can attack, Kagami-Jiji then makes all the mirrors spin around Kitaro and Neko-Musume causing them to get dizzy. Kitaro then pulls out his ocarina and starts to break the mirrors, with Neko-Musume helping along by breaking them with her fists. Kagami-Jiji then comes out and yells at Kitaro for breaking the mirrors and uses his staff to trap Kitaro inside a mirror and breaks it as Medama-Oyaji and Neko-Musume watch in horror. The tent then begins to collapse as Jiji takes Yumeko's body and disappears. Neko and Oyaji make it out safely but not Kitaro...

Out to get him

Kitaro detect jiji

Kitaro detects Kagami Jiji's presence.

As the last piece of the mirror that Kitaro was trapped in had been found under the rubble, Sunakake-Babaa and Ittan-Momen appear shortly after. Sunakake-Babaa then uses glue and extract on the mirror, and Kitaro is free from the mirror. Babaa then pulls out an orb and it shows where Kagami Jiji is, inside a house in an abandoned village in the mountains. With Kitaro now knowing where Jiji is, he departs later that night to get Yumeko back. Along the way, Medama-Oyaji tells Kitaro that during the night he doesn't cast a reflection in the dark, Kagami-Jiji can't trap him again. As Kitaro reaches the village, he notices it being very quiet at night, Oyaji explains that humans now leave villages and movie to cities. Kitaro then senses that Kagami-Jiji's presence is in a house nearby and sees a mirror and believes that Jiji may be in there with Yumeko's body. Ittan-Momen hands Kitaro a rock and is about to break the mirror but is stopped by Kagami-Jiji, telling Kitaro why he took Yumeko's body.

The truth


Yumeko is revealed to be Ohana's granddaughter.

Kagami-Jiji explains that several years ago, that the village once had people living here and that the mirror that he was in was the only mirror in the village, so all the girls in the village would come to the mirror to look at themselves, but there one girl, her name was Ohana and Kagami-Jiji thought she was the cutest one of all, saying that she looks like Yumeko. Then the village slowly lost it's population and humans had forgotten about Kagami-Jiji and abandoned him along with the rest of their items, saying that humans are selfish. Kitaro then says he'll forgive him if he gives back Yumeko and doesn't kidnap anymore people. Suddenly, lighting strikes a tree nearby and it catches on fire, producing light that is Kitaro's reflection and Kagami-Jiji grabs Kitaro's arm, telling him that he won't let him have Yumeko. Medama-Oyaji then tells Ittan-Momen to get a reflective paper to trap JiJi but instead he makes multiple copies of himself and starts to beat up Ittan-Momen and Kitaro. Oyaji then finds a picture of Ohana and asks Jiji to look into his eye. Jiji then realizes that Yumeko is actually Ohana's granddaughter and then asks himself, "What have I done?" and then goes back into the mirror and frees Yumeko's body.


My dream girl

Nezumi-Otoko trying to get Yumeko to be his girlfriend.

At the Tendo house, the invisible Yumeko has regained her body back with her family overjoyed that she is alive. Kitaro then concludes that the reason why Yumeko's body was taken is because he was lonely. Outside, Nezumi-Otoko asks if Yumeko can be his girlfriend, to which she responds by laughing, thinking that he is telling a joke. Neko-Musume then says that Yokai and Humans can't fall in love together, in which she responds saying that it's not true and holds Kitaro's hand as she says that. Neko-Musume gets mad and scratches Nezumi-Otoko for no reason. The episode ends with Kagami-Jiji in his mirror that now over looks a shop window on a busy street that people pass by often and with him saying, "What a great view!"

Episode 4 - Fear! Mirror Country of Kagami-Jiji (aired January 28, 1996)


  • This is the 2nd episode of the 1985 anime.


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