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Kagami-Jijii in manga
Japanese 鏡じじい
English Mirror Geezer
Species Yōkai
Gender Male
Abilities Trapping people in mirrors
First Appearance
Manga Kagami-Jijii (1967)
Anime Series 1 Episode 8 (1968)
1968 anime Ichirō Nagai
1985 anime Kōhei Miyauchi
1996 anime Eiji Maruyama
2007 anime Unshō Ishizuka
2018 anime Kōzō Shioya

Kagami-Jijii (鏡じじい or 鏡爺, Mirror Geezer) is a yōkai who lives in the world within mirrors. He is an original creation of Shigeru Mizuki's and first appeared in the Shonen Magazine story Kagami-Jijii.


Kagami-Jijii resembles an old man with long hair, pointy ears and two buck teeth. He is typically depicted with facial hair of some sort, usually a mustache. He is balding on top and has a horn-like bump at the top of his forehead. He wears a robe and often carries a staff with him.

He is modeled after Toriyama Sekien's depiction of Momon-Jii, while Mizuki's depiction of Momon-Jii is an original design.


Kagami-Jijii is somewhat lecherous, often leering a young women and girls from within the mirror. On the other hand, from the 3rd anime on he is also portrayed as having a honorable side to him, using his powers to protect young women and children.

In the 6th anime, Kagami-Jijii is more timid, being apprehensive to explain when confronted by Kitarō and the others about Mana. He does however still have his lecherous tendency, claiming that both Mana and Neko-Musume resemble his first love, to which Medama-Oyaji believes him to be a womanizer.[1]


Shonen Magazine/1st anime

3rd anime

4th anime

5th anime

Kagami-Jijii appears in the movie based on the 5th anime, GeGeGe no Kitarō: Nippon Bakuretsu!!

6th anime

Kagami-Jijii is shown in the opening of the 6th anime during the tug-o-war scene.

His first episode appearance of this season is in episode eight, Menace! Kagami-Jijii's Plot.[1]


Mirror Magic: Kagami-Jijii is a yōkai who lives inside mirrors. Thus he has control over mirrors and have various powers related to it.

  • Mirror Traversing: He has the ability to travel through mirrors and pull people into the mirror world. He is able to travel through any mirror, even if it is just a broken shard.
  • Image Stealing: He can also steal someone's image and trap it in the mirror world, making the victim invisible. Kagami-Jijii himself has no physical form in the real world and destroying his home mirror cancels out his powers.




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