Iso onna
Full Name Iso-Onna
Age Unknown
Gender Female (mother)

Male (baby)

Eye color Red (2007 anime)
Hair color Redwood (2007 anime)
Skin color Green
Height Taller than Nurikabe
Weight Unknown
Species Yōkai
Abilities Water breathing

Expansion (baby)

Eating people live (baby)

Friends Kitarō

Kitarō's family

Enemies Nurarihyon (possibly)

Kitarō (formerly)
Kitarō's family (formerly)

In the anime there were two verisons. The first one was she wasn't the mastermind; instead it was her baby. The next one was protective to her baby.


The Iso-Onna (磯女 or "beach rock woman") is a yōkai found in fishing villages all over Japan. She has many different names, and all of them seem friendly enough:

  • Iso-Onago = rock girl
  • Umi-Onna = ocean woman
  • Umi-Hime = ocean princess
  • Umi-Nyoubo = ocean wife


  • In the 2007 anime version, she is one of the 47 Yōkai Warriors. She's the representative of Nagasaki. And her mark is located on her baby's diaper.



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