Isamu Tanonaka

Isamu Tanonaka (田の中 勇, Tanonaka Isamu, born July 19, 1932 ~ died January 13, 2010) was a Japanese voice actor from Taitou, Tokyo.

He provided the voice of Medama-Oyaji in all 6 anime adaptations and most other media, including commercials, theme park attractions, and variety show appearances.

Originally, the 1985 anime was to have an entirely new cast, unlike the 1971 anime which featured the same main cast as the first series (Masako Nozawa as Kitarō, Chikao Ohtsuka as Nezumi-Otoko, and Tanonaka). However, the audition for Medama-Oyaji fell short, and Tanonaka was asked to reprise the role. As a result he became the permanent voice of Medama-Oyaji until his death in 2010, reprsing the role again for the 1996 and 2007 animes.

Tanonaka also portrayed Youaltepuztli in Shigeru Mizuki's other series "Akuma-kun". He reprised the role for a guest appearance in the 2007 Kitarō anime.

Other Notable Roles

Dub Roles

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