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Not to be confused with Fairy Hanako

Full Name Hanako
Gender Female
Eye color Black
Hair color Black
Skin color Peach
Species Human
Friends Nezumi-Otoko

Hanako (花子, "flower child") is a character from the 1968 anime and the daughter of a man named Shokichi. When she was a baby, her mother had died and her father failed in business to support her. Just as he was about to commit suicide, a fox-spirit name Hakusanbō came to him; to help him under the condition that on her 16th birthday, Hanako must be his bride!

Fortunately, Kitaro (along with Nezumi-Otoko) was there to help father and daughter. Hanako even attached the attention of Nezumi-Otoko, seeing what a beautiful young lady she had become.


  • She looks similar to Keiko Yamada from the "Daikaijū" story


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