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Img gyuki
Japanese 牛鬼
English Ox Demon
Species Yōkai
Gender Male
Home The Sea (originally)
Yōkai Apartments,
GeGeGe Forest
First Appearance
Manga Gyūki (1968)
Anime Series 2 Episode 15 (1972)
2007 anime Shirō Saitō
2018 anime Masaya Takatsuka

Gyūki (牛鬼, Ox Demon) is a bovine-like yōkai who dwells in the sea. While most notably appearing as an antagonist, in some adaptations he is depicted as an ally of Kitarō.

The character first appears in the Garo version of the story The Boarding House, though this Gyūki has the appearance of Odoro-Odoro. His more traditional design was used beginning in the Shonen Magazine story Gyūki.


Gyūki is a Kaijū with the head and horns of a cow but the body of a spider. His face is demonic looking, with a wide smile and sharp teeth.


The Gyūki is normally depicted as nothing more than a mindless beast, but in his inital Garo appearance and the fifth anime he is shown to be intelligent and cunning.

Within the sixth anime, Gyūki behaves like a mindless beast, while possessing Jingunji it rampages through the city and consuming tourists that comes near it. Once possessing Kitarō, it continues its destruction, this time completely wrecking the buildings into rubble and then going after the humans. It is shown to be easily distracted as demonstrated by Neko-Musume's plan to lead it away and it being lured by Karura's flute playing.[1]

The ally Gyūki's personality is not very distinguishable from the other supporting characters, though he is very proud of his strength.



When Bon Arima tried to dig up the grave of the Gyūki, a swarm of rats ate him down to the bone. The man's blood then leaked into the grave, reviving Gyūki. Gyūki found a cave to dwell in, where Kitarō and Medama-Oyaji soon stop for a night. As they sleep, Gyūki steals Kitarō's soul and begins controlling him as a slave. They wander Osaka, with Kitarō playing a bewitching song on a violin to lure victims for Gyūki to feast on. After killing and eating a police detective who found Kitarō suspicious, they moved out to Tokyo. They take over a small inn, where Kitarō fattens the victims up before Gyūki eats them. Eventually, Dracula IV and Nezumi-Otoko take up residence, and Gyūki tries to eat Dracula they have a fierce battle ending with both of them dead in a ball of Gyūki's hair.

Manga & Second Anime

Gyūki appears in episode #15 of the second anime, Gyūki. The Gyūki was sealed away centuries ago by the god Karura, but one day a fisherman somehow destroyed his tomb and he was released. He possessed the man, transforming him into the Gyūki, and a year later he made his way to the man's village. He attacked the village but was eventually killed by Kitarō. Afterwards, Kitarō contracted the curse and was transformed into the Gyūki (referred to in narration as Gyū-Kitarō (牛鬼太郎)), going on another more violent rampage. Far more powerful than before, he was only defeated when Medama-Oyaji and the villagers prayed to Karura for help. Karura used his flute to lure Gyū-Kitarō into a volcano, the heat of which removes the Gyūki spirit and returning Kitarō to normal. Karura then captured the Gyūki's spirit in a sack and sealed it away once more.

In the Shonen Sunday run he appears among Kitaro's friends living at Yōkai Apartments, as well as appearing as an ally in the Shinpen run.

Third anime

He appears in episode #42 of the third anime adaptation, Yōkai Gyūki.[2]

Fourth anime

He appears in episode six of the fourth anime adaptation, Runaway! Kitarō-Gyūki. In this episode, he is released when a fisherman purposely removes his seal, scoffing at the ideal of yōkai and curses. When the Gyūki attacks him, the fisherman manages to kill him by ramming his boat into the beast. After returning home and boasting of his accomplishment, he turns into the Gyūki and the rest of the story proceeds as in the manga. During Gyū-Kitarō's rampage he eats several people, including Nezumi-Otoko and the rest of the Kitarō Family, but after Karura removes the curse they are all revived.[3]

Fifth anime

He appears in episode #14 of the fifth anime adaption, Kitaro Dies?! Gyūki Reborn.[4]

Sixth anime

He appears in episode #22 of the sixth anime adaption, Berserk! The Terrifying Yōkai Gyūki.[1]


Apart from the regular destructive power most Kaijū are capable of, Gyūki also possesses a Transmittable Curse. His true form is actually that of a living cloud of gas that possesses humans and transforms them into the Gyūki, and when his host body is killed he will possess the nearest body. If the Gyūki is killed, he will possess whoever slew him. Each time he possesses someone who killed him he adds their strength to his, making him even more unstoppable.

In his original Garo appearance, his powers where similar to Yasha. He used his hair as a weapon and lured victims to their deaths with a bewitching violin song played by Kitarō.


The Gyūki or Ushi-oni is a general term for several horned, bovine-like yokai. An example is a giant sea monster that lives off the coast of the Shimane Prefecture.

A Gyūki is also used as the protective symbol in the Uwajima Ushioni Festival held in July.


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