GeGeGe no Kitarō
Shonen Magazine 46 Kitaro cover
Cover of Shonen Magazine featuring the cast of GeGeGe no Kitarō
Genre Yōkai, Battle
Story & Art Shigeru Mizuki
Published by Kodansha
Published in Shonen Magazine
Publication date August 1, 1965-July 1, 1970
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The first serialized GeGeGe no Kitarō manga was published in Shonen Magazine from August 1965 to July 1969. Originally titled Hakaba no Kitarō (墓場の鬼太郎, Kitarō of the Graveyard), the name was later changed to GeGeGe... starting in November 1967.


The series is a semi-sequel to the rental manga, "Hakaba Kitarō". By the end of the rental manga, Kitarō had begun acting more like a hero of justice type, protecting humans from yōkai. At the start of the "Magazine" series, Kitarō is already seen as an ally of humans by other yōkai. For the most part, however, the "Magazine" run stood on it's own. Incidents and elements from the rental story were mentioned occasionally, but overall the series existed in it's own canon. Some rental stories were even remade for the "Magazine" run, including The Birth of Kitarō, which was given a new ending where Kitarō and Medama-Oyaji left Mizuki's house to live on their own.

The "Magazine" run introduced several elements that would later become standard for the franchise. Before too long, Kitarō and Medama-Oyaji took up residence in a tree house by a lake in a swamp, which would become their regular residence from then on. In addition to Nezumi-Otoko from the rental manga, other yōkai began making recurring appearances as allies of Kitarō, most notably Sunakake-Babaa, Konaki-Jijii, Ittan-Momen, Nurikabe and Yobuko. And although they only appeared as guest characters, Neko-Musume and Nurarihyon both made their first appearances during the series. Other elements introduced during this run include Kitarō's hair needles, the Yōkai Post and the Bake-Garasu.

Many of the stories were self-contained, though there were some stories that spanned several chapters, with The Great Tanuki War spanning 10 chapters. As the series gained popularity, Shigeru Mizuki was talked into renaming it from Hakaba no Kitarō to the less gruesome GeGeGe no Kitarō in order to attract sponsors for a potential anime adaptation.


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