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Img gasyadokuro
Japanese がしゃどくろ
English Rattling Skull
Species Yōkai
Gender Male
First Appearance
Anime Series 3 Episode 71 (1985)
1985 anime Yasuo Tanaka
2007 anime Masaharu Satō

Gasha-Dokuro (がしゃどくろ, rattling skull) is a giant skeleton yōkai.


Gasha-Dokuro's appearance is that of a giant human skeleton, with several teeth missing, the inside of his skull is usually blackened. Because of his sheer size, only from the spinal cord and above is ever seen. Within the fifth anime, he has a red eye with a yellow pupil in his left eye socket.


Third Anime

He appears in episode #71 of the third anime adaption, Gasha-Dokuro of Yōka Forest.

He appears in the fourth movie based on the third anime adaption, GeGeGe no Kitarō: Gekitotsu!! Ijigen Yōkai no Dai-Hanran!!.

Fourth Anime

He appears in episode #11 of the fourth anime adaption, Keukegen and Gasha-Dokuro. He was controlled both times when he appeared.

Fifth Anime

Gasha-Dokuro appears in the second episode of the fifth anime adaption, BiBiBi!! Nezumi-Otoko! In that episode, he wasn't controlled by other yōkai.

Sixth Anime

Gasha-Dokuro appears in the eighth episode of the sixth anime adaption, Menace! Kagami-Jijii's Plot. During a class trip to an old folks home, Sōma and his friend Arimoto were playing with brooms instead of helping the others clean. Irritated, Mana chases he places it back around until Sōma trips over its tombstone, who places it back to its original position and assures the other two that no ones would notice. This however causes the Gasha-Dokuro to awaken and seek them out in anger. He finds Sōma and Arimoto together at night, leaving them in a catatonic state. He finds Mana later and starts disrupting objects around her until he corners her into her room, but Kagami-Jijii pulls her into the mirror. This does not stop him from seeking Mana, and somehow follows them in the Mirror World. He finds Mana and shoots a red eye beam, but Kitarō stops it and he and Neko-Musume clashes with him. He shoots another beam, but Kagami-Jijii arrives and reflects the blast back to him, passing through his skull. This leaves him weakened enough for Kitarō to finish him off, shattering into pieces.[1]


Eye Beams: Gasha-Dokuro is capable of projecting red beams out of his left eye.[1]

Area Manipulation: Gasha-Dokuro is able to slightly manipulate the area around him, causing disturbances such as water faucets turning on and objects falling off around Mana as he chases her. He is also able to change the surrounding of Mana's room, when she was entering through the ceiling the space behind him was green and after he left it went back to normal. Gasha-Dokuro was also able to enter the Mirror World to follow Mana.[1]


In Japanese folklore, Gasha-dokuro (がしゃどくろ), or Ōdokuro (大どくろ, giant skull), are giant skeletons, often fifteen times taller than an average person. If a Gasha-Dokuro sees a human, it will grab it and bite its head off if it does not flee quickly. Gasha-Dokuro are created from gathering bones from people who have died of starvation. The only way a Gasha-Dokuro can be detected before it appears is by hearing a ringing sound in one's ears.



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