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Gangi-kozō (がんぎこぞう) is a yōkai who appeared in the 80s, 90s and 2007 anime versions of "Gegege no Kitaro".



Gangi-kozō's appears as a short being covered in fur, except for his chest, as well as having a faint of whiskers around his mouth. He has webbed hands and feet, pointy teeth, and his medium-lengthed black hair is stylized similar to Kitarō's, with his bangs being parted above both his yellow eyes. His fur is colored brown in the fourth anime, while chartreuse in the 5th anime.

In the fourth anime, Gangi-Kozō wore a striped-mantle, patterned in blue and light blue thick stripes. In the 5th anime he wore a red head band during the yōkai sports festival.


Gangi-kozō is a harmless, fish-eating water monster in relation with the well-known kappas. Gangi-kozō occasionally encounter fishermen along the rivers they inhabit. When meeting one, the fishermen would often leave their largest, cheapest fish on the riverside as an offering.


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