Img gangikozo
Japanese がんぎ小僧
Species Yōkai
Race Kappa
Gender Male
First Appearance
Manga The Great Yōkai Trial (1969)
Anime Series 3 Episode 26 (1986)
1985 anime Ichirō Nagai
Jōji Yanami (Ep. 85)
1996 anime Isshin Chiba
2018 anime Ryōhei Arai

Gangi-Kozō (がんぎ小僧, roughly "jagged boy" or "chompers boy") is a yōkai .


Gangi-kozō's appears as a short being covered in fur, except for his chest, as well as having a faint of whiskers around his mouth. He has webbed hands and feet, pointy teeth, and his medium-lengthed black hair is stylized similar to Kitarō's, with his bangs being parted above both his yellow eyes. His fur is colored brown in the fourth anime, while chartreuse in the fifth anime.

In the fourth anime, Gangi-Kozō wore a striped-mantle, patterned in blue and light blue thick stripes. In the fifth anime he wore a red head band during the yōkai sports festival.


Within the sixth anime, Gangi-Kozō is shown to be rather friendly, enjoying time together with the other yōkai tenants of the Sokai Lively Apartment by drinking sake together.


Third Anime

Fourth Anime

Fifth Anime

Sixth Anime

A Gangi-Kozō becomes one of the tenants of the Sōkai Apartment, where he is seen drinking sake with the other tenants.[1]

Many Gangi-Kozō appear in episode #28, The Great Yōkai War. They appear along with several other yōkai of the GeGeGe Forest to help Kitarō fight off the Western Yōkai. They carried rifles and shot Wolfgang, having been told of his weakness beforehand. However this proved to be ineffective as Wolfgang reveals that under a full moon, he is invincible and slaughters them. Two more are seen witnessing the fight between Victor Frankenstein's beast and Nurikabe. After Backbeard's army retreats, at least one Gangi-Kozō is shown to have survived.[2]


Gangi-kozō is a harmless, fish-eating water monster in relation with the well-known kappas. Gangi-kozō occasionally encounter fishermen along the rivers they inhabit. When meeting one, the fishermen would often leave their largest, cheapest fish on the riverside as an offering.


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