Diamond Yōkai
Diamond Yokai cover
Japanese Name ダイヤモンド妖怪
Publication date December 3, 1967
Magazine Shonen Magazine
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Shonen Magazine
Electric Yōkai Hakusanbō

Diamond Yokai (Daiyamondo Yōkai, ダイヤモンド妖怪) is a GeGeGe no Kitarō story that first appeared as a chapter of the Shonen Magazine run. It has been adapted for the 1968, 1985, 1996 and 2018 anime versions of "GeGeGe no Kitarō".



One day, Nezumi-Otoko overhears two men speaking about a pile of diamonds inside the cave they are entering. Nezumi-Otoko tells Kitarō about the cave, but Kitarō is uninterested in helping him gather diamonds. Medama-Oyaji, however, is worried the cave might lead to Jigoku and insist Kitarō go and investigate. Once in the cave, the three discover a seemingly abandoned village with a pile of diamonds in the middle of it. The two men are there stealing diamonds, and Kitarō warns them that they probably belong to a Yōkai. Before he can convince them, Nezumi-Otoko knocks him out with a rock. He offers to help them gather all the diamonds in exchange for splitting the loot 50/50.

As they collect the diamonds, a flaming wheel yōkai called Wanyūdō appears and fires a light ray from his mouth that turns the two men into diamonds. As Nezumi-Otoko runs away he steps on Kitarō, waking him up. Medama-Oyaji yells at him to run, but he runs into a mirror and has to jump out of the way of Wanyūdō diamond ray. Unfortunately, it hits Medama-Oyaji and turns him into diamond. Kitarō continues to evade Wanyūdō until he tricks him into hitting the mirror with his light ray, bouncing it off and turning himself into diamond. The others turn back to normal and Kitarō informs Nezumi-Otoko and the two men that Wanyūdō turns humans into diamonds and then eats them. The story ends with Kitarō admitting Nezumi-Otoko deserves some thanks for discovering the cave for Kitarō to seal, and Nezumi-Otoko takes advantage of the praise and hypocritically scolds the two men for stealing diamonds.



  • Bokura - Diamond Yōkai (ダイヤモンド妖怪の巻)
  • Tanoshii Yochien - Wanyūdō (わにゅうどうのまき)
  • Reprinted as Diamond Yōkai (ダイヤモンドようかいのまき)
  • 2nd Grade Learning Magazine - Diamond Yōkai (ダイヤモンドようかいのまき)
  • Shigeru Mizuki's Strange Yōkai Tales picture book - Diamond Yōkai (ダイヤモンド妖怪)


1968 Anime
  • Episode 36 - Diamond Yōkai (aired September 8, 1968)
1985 Anime
  • Episode 5 - Diamond Yōkai Wanyūdō (aired November 9, 1985)
1996 Anime
  • Episode 5 - Diamond Yōkai Wanyūdō (aired February 4, 1996)
2018 Anime
  • Episode 13 - The Desired Diamonds! Wanyūdō's Trap (aired June 24, 2018)


  • This is the 36th episode of the 1968 anime.