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Japanese 奪衣婆 (だつえば)
Species Yokai
Gender Female
First Appearance
Manga Shinigami Dai-Senki (1974)
Anime Episode 39 (1985 series)
1985 anime Eiko Masuyama
Keiko Yamamoto
Reiko Suzuki (Jigoku Hen)
2018 anime Reimi
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Datsue-Babaa or Datsue-ba (奪衣婆 or 脱衣婆, lit. "old woman who strips clothes") is wizened, ugly hag of a yōkai.


Datsue-Babaa is a grotesque hag, with long straight, blue hair parted in the middle of her hideous face and poor skin complexion. She wears a white kimono with a blue obi. While disguised, she appears as beautiful young woman, with long black hair and fair skin. Her kimono is instead white and pink.[1]

Datsue-Babaa outside

Datsue-Babaa's full appearance

In the 6th anime, Datsue-Babaa has a baggy face, with pale skin, pale white messy hair held by a dark gray headband and pointy ears. She wears a gray kimono that reaches to her knees.[2]



3rd Anime

In episode 39 of the 3rd anime adaption, she disguised herself as a bewitchingly, beautiful maiden with a little bouncing ball. She used her disguise to capture a few including Nezumi-Otoko and take them to Jigoku.[1]

6th Anime

She makes a brief appearance in the seventh episode of the 6th anime adaption, Ghost Train. She appears behind the ghost train's window, swiftly passing as the company boss sees here. Later as the train becomes dark, she appears as a black figure haunting him, before revealing herself from the ceiling. His employee wakes him, as he thinks it was a dream, but feels pain on his legs and finds purple hand marks from Datsue-Babaa.[2]



Datsue-Babaa of legend ferries the dead across the Sanzu river along with her male counterpart Keneō. She and Keneō live under a big tree on the river's far side. Then Datsue-Babaa breaks the fingers of the sinner as punishment for stealing and together with Keneō, tie the misfortunate sinner's head to his feet. Datsue-Babaa then strips the sinner and Keneō hangs the garments on a branch of their tree; then the pair send the sinner to the judgment.

Datsue-Babaa not only strips the dead, but at birth she bestows on humans their skin coverings. Thus she can be seen as a force of life and death that both gives and takes away the skin that covers humans.



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