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Datuse-Babaa in her disguise and her true form


Datsue-Babaa or Datsue-ba (奪衣婆, lit. "old woman who strips clothes") is wizened, ugly hag of a yōkai who appears only in the 1985 anime series. In episode #39, she disguised herself as a bewitchingly, beautiful maiden with a little bouncing ball. She used her disguise to capture a few including Nezumi-Otoko and take them to Jigoku.


Datsue-Babaa of legend ferries the dead across the Sanzu river along with her male counterpart Keneō. She and Keneō live under a big tree on the river's far side. Then Datsue-Babaa breaks the fingers of the sinner as punishment for stealing and together with Keneō, tie the misfortunate sinner's head to his feet. Datsue-Babaa then strips the sinner and Keneō hangs the garments on a branch of their tree; then the pair send the sinner to the judgment.

Datsue-Babaa not only strips the dead, but at birth she bestows on humans their skin coverings. Thus she can be seen as a force of life and death that both gives and takes away the skin that covers humans.