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Dai Kaijū (大海獣), or The Giant Sea Monster, is a GeGeGe no Kitarō story that first appeared as a chapter of the Hakaba Kitarō rental manga under the title A Secret Story (ないしょの話, Naisho no Hanashi). The rental manga was first released in 1964. It has since been adapted for the 1968, 1985 and 1996 anime versions of "Gegege no Kitarō". In the 1996 anime, it was used as part of the plot for the 1st movie, while combining it with the plot of The Yōkai Army. In addition, the 1968 adaptation was later re-edited into a film as well, the first in the Kitarō franchise.

The name Kaijū (海獣) is a play on Kaijū (怪獣), referring to giant monsters like Godzilla.






Episode 5 - Dai Kaijū (Part 1) (aired January 31, 1968)
Episode 6 - Dai Kaijū (Part 2) (aired February 7, 1968)
Movie 1 - Dai Kaijū (released July 21, 1968)
(Movie 1 is a re-edit of Ep. 5 & 6)

Episode 67 - The Jungle Dai Kaijū (aired February 21, 1987)
Episode 68 - The Dai Kaijū's Angry Counterattack (aired February 28, 1987)

Movie 1 - Dai Kaijū (released July 6, 1996)


  • The story is itself a remake of an earlier non-Kitarō rental manga by Shigeru Mizuki called Kaijū Raban (怪獣ラバン), inspired by the film King Kong Escapes.