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Chara thum15
Full Name Buru-Buru
Gender Female
Skin color White
Species Yōkai

Buru-Buru (ぶるぶる, lit. trembling) is a frost yōkai who attacks whoever by freezing them within. The only way to rid the victim (Nezumi-Otoko in the 1968 anime; Yumeko in the 1985 anime) of her is to place him/her in a hot onsen.


Her true shape can not be seen by the naked eye, except with the help of special glasses. She obtains her appearance from the book "Konjaku Gazu Zoku Hyakki" by Toriyama Sekien.


Buru-Buru is a yōkai that is also known as a spirit of cowardice that causes the shivers by grabbing the scruff of the victim's neck.


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