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  • EclipseQueen

    I found this image when I was looking around on Google.

    We know that Kitaro is missing his left eye, so when his dad pops out of his hair, is he really hiding in his hair or in his eye socket?

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  • Still doll85

    Nezumi's Mama

    September 21, 2015 by Still doll85

    You know, before I watched "Gegege no Kitarō: Jigoku-hen" (episodes 109-115 of the 80s series), I envisioned Nezumi's human mother a pretty kitchen maid looking like her:

    Being a "halfie" (half human/yokai). I sometimes thought his mother was a beautiful human woman seduced in bed by a rat-yokai like an incubus. And the poor girl tries to hide her pregnancy from the other servants and master - Pregnant out of wedlock is greatly frowned upon in Japan. And worse after the birth, people would have branded her a witch for bearin' a halfie child. So without thinkin' and because of motherly love, she row away in the night. And on an island, she just....*sniff* died of sickness & exhaustion; it's my hypothesis for here: "In the most official versi…

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  • Still doll85

    YouTube Bans

    September 19, 2015 by Still doll85

    More "Gegege" channels are being shut down on YouTube. I do hope within a year (or two) Kitaro would get a North American DVD release. So any fans out there on Wikia and Facebook, if you want that to happen - DON'T watch episodes on YouTube and try to be patient.

    Why "don't watch"? 'cause I was told "every time you watch a Kitaro series on YouTube or something, you vote for no official release. Every viewing on one of those videos sends a message to companies. They check those things And every time you watch one you are letting them no that you don't support an official release."

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  • Still doll85

    You know I'm torn about whether to love the 60s or the 90s version of the "Tōge no yōkai" (the Buruburu story). #90 (the 90s version), I was pretty sneaky of Buruburu to be hidin' in Nezumi-Otoko's stomach when they prisoners escape. And when Tsurubebi (oni-bi, demon fire) were used to get her out, Kitaro's special X-Ray specks sees Buruburu strugglin' within and escape up the esophagus...She hates light including firelight. distresses me to see Nezumi in pain; =^^= like I'm already a character there. Though I still love the 60s version and I'd written it down my "favorite episodes" list. And I have a "so it is written, so it shall be" thing.

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  • Still doll85

    Who thinks there should be a "Yōkai Species" category page? I mean there are already pages for Bakeneko, Yuki-onna and so on

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  • Still doll85

    Hey fans, last night I had finished the 80s series last night, despite missing episodes. Tonight (or maybe Friday again) I'll be on the '71 series. I just hope the first 12 episodes of the 1996 episodes are still on YouTube (Takachiiro's channel) by the time I finish. And I still hope episodes are banned when I get back from Vancouver in July.

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  • Still doll85

    I have got two crazy concepts for fan-fiction stories:

    1. 1 : One is based on fantasies I have had (as explained here) I'm an OC and a western alley to human/yokai peace. I'm a traveling writer who had made friends with the team: Kitaro, his father, Neko-Musume and Nezumi-Otoko. I even have a little dog who is like a girl version of Tintin's Snowy and I have my two editors and agent accompany me. Of course as some friends do, we (Nezumi and I) would banter each other. But I would usually end up worrying about him - my true feelin's never show..I 'm have a crush on him!

    1. 2: A "next generation" story about Ohana (daughter of Kitaro & Yumeko) & Chuuko (daughter of Nezumi-Otoko & Caroline) and their very own band of "yokai busters"! Unlike their fat…

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  • Maikonohoshi

    Just a question...

    February 1, 2015 by Maikonohoshi

    How are we supposed to be spelling "Kitaro" throughout the wiki? Kitaro, Kitarō, or Kitarou?

    Or any long ō's for that matter?

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  • AnimeCat245

    According to Anime News Network:

    In work he has done since 2012, digital artist Kei Yoshida lists himself as a character animator for a Gegege no Kitarō television project on his LinkedIn profile. The project is listed above his most recent work on the Majin Bone anime series.

    Does that mean we might get a new Kitarō show?

    If we do get one, will it be English dubbed (with good voices)?

    But the most interesting of all, who will voice the characters?

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  • Still doll85

    Favorite Episodes

    December 20, 2014 by Still doll85

    After watchin' all the 65 episodes of the '68 version of Kitaro, I have many favorite episodes which would be too long for this blog. So here are my top 10 :

    · Yokai Castle (妖怪城) because of little Tomiko-chan and...

    · Kagami Jiji (鏡爺) because of Kaori-chan and that "glad-to-see-you" scene when Nezumi-Otoko bails Kitaro out of jail.  ^^;

    · Cat Master (猫仙人) because...well I'm a cat-lover   ^^;

    · Witch Doll (魔女人形) because I am into witches.

    · Neko-Musume and Nezumi-Otoko (猫娘とねずみ男) because I love Neko-Musume and I love that funny scene where she chased Nezumi around the room. And also...

    · Yokai-juu (妖怪獣 - both parts) because Tanuki are one of my favorite yokai.

    · Hakusanbō  (白山坊) because Hakusanbō is kind of a fox-spirit and I love foxes. Also I love how Nezumi-Ot…

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  • Still doll85

    English fan-site

    December 16, 2014 by Still doll85

    If I bone-up on computer lessons and site makin', I oughta make a "Gegege" fan-site in English with HQ character/episode screencaps...I only found this site in Japanese

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  • Still doll85

    Episode Help

    December 3, 2014 by Still doll85

    As you all know, I was sortin' the photos by episode. And I need help from those who had watch the 5 series to identify the episode the picture came from

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  • Still doll85

    Crazy Fantasy

    November 27, 2014 by Still doll85

    I now admit, I been havin' fantasies that I'm an OC in Kitaro - a western link to human/yokai peace. And I'm friends with the team: Kitaro, his father Neko-Musume and Nezumi-Otoko. I have a little dog who is like a girl version of Tintin's Snowy.

    Of course as some friends do, we (Nezumi and I) would banter each other. But I would usually end up worrying about him - like in the 1968 version of the episode "Ridge Yokai"...My true feelin's never show..I 'm have a crush on him! I mean for me to love someone that any other other woman would  be afraid to look at?!   

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  • Still doll85

    This is what I found on :

    I hope if Discotek licenses GeGeGe no Kitaro that the DVD releases will some what resample the japanese releases. If you want them to be sure to ask.


    Let's hope it happens. I have the manga - the Drawn and Quarterly's English edition. And I have the live-action film on DVD.

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  • Still doll85

    While watching (and gathering info on) Kitaro, I notice slight hints on possible relationships between characters and so, this is for all to discuss opinions of couples within the series and why (if possible)...I'm a hopeless romantic.  ^^;

    As for pairings I like, I had gotten confused whether to ship Kitaro with Hana ( from the movie Gegege No Kitarou: Nippon Bakuretsu!!) or Kitaro with Yumeko-chan. The same with Nezumi-Otoko and Maya, also from Nippon Bakuretsu. I prefer Kitaro x Yumeko and "Nezuline" - Nezumi and Caroline from the film "Gegege no Kitarō: Gekitotsu!! Ijigen Yōkai no Daihanran".

    "Why do I support these pairings?" you say. Well, I just thought...Kitaro x Yumeko are sweet together and I have a thing for main hero/main heroine …

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  • Still doll85

    Anybody seen that film? I would love to see a sub-titled version. A reason to see the film is Nezumi-Otoko & Caroline...Yeah I ship them, though it would it be considered pedopilia. Like I had said, to me, she's (Caroline) the only one to love him despite his looks and almost-bio-hazardous stink.

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  • Kaiyo.Runa


    June 3, 2013 by Kaiyo.Runa

    I cannot find the lyrics of the song "Yokai Yokochou" (Gegege no Kitaro Ending), and I really need it! Please, someone, help!!


    Naru Kaiyo.

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