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Baron Dracula (初代ドラキュラ伯爵) is the first vampire of Western ghosts.

2007 anime

He appeared in the Episode 68. Decades ago, his close friend Backbeard asked him to sneak into the underworld in the guise of Sou-Daiou to absorb the power from the underworld's Pool of Blood.


When Kitarō used Needle hair, Electocution, Remote Geta and Finger Pistols on him, it didn't work on him as he absorbed the power  from the underworld's Pool of Blood, he had an infinite power of healing. Kitaro then used the Key of the Underworld to activate the Needle Hair of the Underworld, which was still in par with him. Enma-Daiou then appeared. Gokan-Ou and Sou-Daiou then suppressed the power of the Underworld and Enma-Daiou shoots the flame of the Undeworld to him and he is defeated.

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