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Bake-Bi (化け火(バケビ), monster fire) is a fire yōkai similar to Tsurube-Bi, and had appeared in the 1985 anime series. He is basically a flame with three heads.


Bake-Bi of legend is said to emerge from the lake's shore on the cloudy or light rainy seasons, drifting in the air of 4, 5 scale (about 1.2 - 1.5 m) in height from the ground. At first it is a small fire, but it increases in size as it moves, and it reaches the mountain's hand, it is about 3 mm in diameter (about 0.9 m). It is said that the face of a fireball emerges from this fireball, and the upper body of two people are in a form of sumo wrestlers.

Another legend tells of a man who once thought to have uncover the identity of the fire. When he was waiting at the ridge of the rice, a Bake-Bi appeared. He was a master of sumo wrestling, while struggling with a loud voice, confronted the fiery fire, but on the contrary 5 or 6 (about 9 - 11 m) was also thrown away. The rice crop was fruit at the thrower, so the man did not hurt himself. However, everyone who started him, and who faced the Bake-Bi was thrown away as well, so finally the villagers finally became irrelevant to the fire.

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