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Img backbeard
Full Name Backbeard
Gender Male
Eye color Red
Hair color None
Species Yōkai

Backbeard (バックベアード, Bakkube'aado) is a semi-recurring yet major antagonist in the series. Backbeard is the most powerful of all the yōkai in the western nations. He is very loosely based on the Bugbear.


Backbeard is a giant shadow with a single large eye in the center. The shadow expands itself with tentacle-like shapes.  Circles come out of his eye when he hypnotizes people to join his merciless clan. He hypnotizes Nezumi-Otoko in "The Great Yōkai War: Part One" and then hypnotizes Kitaro in "The Great Yōkai War: Part Two"; both parts of "The Great Yōkai War" are in the 1968 anime version.


Not truly known, but he is sometimes moody, full of pride, and egoistic. He hates all of Japan's yōkai, and believes they are too weak to even be considered yōkai.



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